Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Heya Dudies! this Blog has been relocated to http://www.dookyblog.com
Thx for checking it out

Monday, August 04, 2008

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


TemporaryGallery is no more. Your probably thinking, 'Didn't it just open?' The answer is yes, but I guess the financial backer decided he wanted a gallery that focuses on Contemporary Chinese Artwork....it's a total 360. The strange part is that I guess all this went into effect the week that Insinuation opened (the show that I'm in) So last week I went to pick up my artwork and there was a new show with a bunch of work on Chairman Mao...it was the twilight zone.

Here's the dope part...I'm not exclusively represented anymore so if I decide to show my work I can do it anywhere. Here's the 'not dope' part, I don't really like showing at galleries so I won't be persueing that for now...but if yer a gallery and think you'd like to sell my artwork, I have a ton, I just won't be creating new work for wall.


YAY NEW JUNKPRINTS NEIGHBORS, originally uploaded by junkprints.

Due to good karma and smart work I've landed an Amazing new work spot in Red Hook!!!! Yay look at the pics. Before this spot all my goodies were made out of my bredroom in a 10"x15" space. I share it with some other wicked etsy sellers, like CubistLiterature, and DesiraPesta and a bunch of other fun peeps.

Can't you just feel the love!

Monday, March 03, 2008


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So last week I was Etsy's featured seller...Yah and all that goodness. Let me tell ya what a mad house it was (is) around this itty bitty apartment. Okay so I answered all 200 inquiries, within 2 hours or receiving them...gold star for customer service department! I've done invoices, packing slips and garment prep for all orders. I've shipped out about 1/3 of all the orders received between feb 27 to now... gold star for production department.

Sleep, you ask? well Robots don't sleep and I've sold my soul to the D.I.Y. gods in exchange for being changed into a robot ;)

All jokes aside...this has been pretty fun and I appreciate all the comments, inquiries and sales I've been bombarded with.